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Some comedy is like a scalpel; the Scary Movie series is a hand grenade, spewing bodily fluids and bigbreasted women in all directions as they lampoon the latest horror. In Scary Movie 4 's case, the main targets are War of the Worlds, The Village, The Grudge, Saw, and Tom Cruise jumping all over Oprah's couch (the scariest of the lot).

Scary Movie is a 2000 American horror comedy film directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. The film is a parody of the horror, slasher, and mystery film genres. Several mid and late'90s films and TV shows are spoofed, and the script is primarily based on the '90s hit horror films Scream (1996) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). A parody film is a subgenre of comedy film that parodies other film genres or films as pastiches, works created by imitation of the style of many different films reassembled together.

Although the subgenre is often overlooked by critics, parody films are commonly profitable at the box office. [4 The farce awakens. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the duo known for the parody films including the Scary Movie franchise, Epic Movie and Vampires Suck, will next take on the iconic Star Wars Apr 14, 2006 'Scary Movie 4 Parody Till They Drop A notsotidy bowl: Anna Faris spoofs" Saw" in a scene from" Scary Movie 4.

" The movie also sends up" The Grudge, " " War of the Worlds" and more. Apr 26, 2008 A video made by my nephew and I. Buy Scary Movie 4: Read 259 Movies& TV Reviews Amazon. com From The Community This fourth (but not final) installment in a horror parody series originated by the Wayans family is directed by David Zucker. It nicely lampoons at least a halfdozen movies: SAW (USAAustralia2004), WAR OF THE WORLDS (2005), Writing about Scary Movie, Roger Ebert observed that parodies were the hardest movies to critique, as they purposefully had no characters to analyze or themes to consider.

All they could be rated on was how many of the jokes land, and Scary Movie is Apr 10, 2009 And the fourth: Saw, The Village, The Grudge, War of the Worlds, Million Dollar Baby, Brokeback Mountain, and the whole Bush 911 thing.

Those are just the ones I remember pretty clearly. Each movie has more than 10 parodies. Apr 12, 2006  Watch video  The" War of the Worlds" to me seems to be the main film parodied, however the other films get their fair share of the jokes as well. The opening is rather funny with Shaq and Dr. Phil doing a" Saw" recreation and there are other celebrities who make short visits as well however it is still the same group who forms Scary Movie 4 is a 2006 parody film.

It is the fourth film of the Scary Movie franchise and was released April 14, 2006. Contents[show Plot Waking up in a strange place, Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Phil awake to find themselves chained up to pipes and unaware how they got there. Scary Movie 4 is a 2006 horror comedy parody film and the fourth film of the Scary Movie franchise, as well as the first film in the franchise to be released under The Weinstein Company banner since the purchase of Dimension Films.

War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise version) Release Box office. In its opening weekend, the film grossed a total of 40. 2 million, the third best opening weekend of Prop Recycling: The wrecked plane set from Scary Movie 4 was originally used in the movie they were parodying, War of the Worlds. Likewise, the Saw parody bathroom was later used by the producers of Saw III in their movie to save money.