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It is an especially prolific shape shifter, known variously as the hli jng (fox spirit) in China, the kitsune (fox) in Japan, and the gumiho (ninetailed fox) in Korea. CAUTION: Minor spoilers for Gu Family Book and My Girlfirend Is A Gumiho ahead. Also called Legend of Nine Tails Fox, it was released on January 21, 2016. It conveys the characters and a 3D world based on the drama's.

Soundtrack. Chinese singer, Yisa Yu, released the single To Ask the Moon () as the series' theme song; the music video was released on January 15, 2016. Legend of the Nine Tails Fox is a 2016 Chinese fantasy wuxia starring Jiang Jin Fu, Gu Li Na Zha, Gina Jin, etc. See promotional stills and more. Ninetailed foxes appear in Chinese folklore, literature, and mythology, in which, depending on the tale can be a good or a bad omen.

The motif of ninetailed foxes from Chinese culture were eventually transmitted and introduced to Korean and Japanese culture. Apr 04, 2013  A gumiho is a ninetailed fox (gunine) that is bad by nature. According to the legend, foxes that live a thousand years become gumihos. According to the legend, foxes that live a thousand years become gumihos. Legend of Nine Tails Fox (, Qing Qiu Hu Chuan Shuo), is a 2016 Chinese drama based on the Chinese novel Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling.

It was aired in China by Hunan TV from February 8, 2016 to March 15, 2016. All You Need To Know About 'The Legend of the Nine Tailed Fox' A Stalker's Guide to Wang Kai Legend of Nine Tails Fox Chinese Drama Legend of Nine Tails Fox Engsub, Cantonese Dub, Indo Sub the fastest episodes!

If you do not show the subtitles, refresh the pages! The ninetailed fox occurs in the Shanhaijing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), compiled from the Warring States period to the Western Han period (circa 4th to circa 1st century BC).

The work states: " The Land of GreenHills lies north of Tianwu. The foxes there have four legs and nine tails. Legend of Yun Xi Ep 22 EngSub 2018 Chinese Drama EnAsian VIP Han Yun Xi is the daughter of an imperial physician who lost her mother when young but maintains a cheerful