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FAO Schwarz Big Piano This floor piano is made by the same company that made the floor piano in the hit movie Big starring Tom Hanks. This giant foot piano is a smaller model of the big piano from the movie Big. Jun 17, 2016 On Friday, Macy's revealed the famous FAO Schwarz piano seen in the beloved 1988 Tom Hanks movie.

The colossal keyboard has been tuneless in New York since the Fifth Avenue toy giant closed last Movie Big Scene Big Floor Piano (FAO Schwarz) Scene Vote. Clip Description Josh (Tom Hanks) and MacMillan (Robert Loggia) are at the department store, when both of them start playing" Chopsticks" on a giant floor piano in the store. Movie Description Tom Hanks at FAO Schwarz in 'Big' Wednesday night the doors will close for good on the Manhattan shop where Tom Hanks danced on a piano in 'Big.

' Tom Hanks danced on a large floor piano there in May 29, 2015 Written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, Big proved a crucial success for budding director Penny Marshall, who'd work harmoniously with Hanks again on the radically different A League of Their Own. The iconic FAO Schwarz BIG Piano starting selling in the store in 1983, thats's five years before Tom Hanks movie" BIG" !

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