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Their first date is at the movies and ends with the two dancing in the street. The end of their date leads into a beautiful summer love affair where the two fall deeply in love with each other.

Allies parents are dead set against the two young people being together; this Industrial analysis of the notebook industry The Laptop or notebook industry is a subset of the personal computer industry. Laptops are commonly used in everyday life, for a variety of purposes that range from work, education, entertainment, multimedia and much more. ANALYSIS OF THE NOTEBOOK Analysis of the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Analysis of the The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Introduction The Notebook is a modern love story set in the pre and postWorld War II era.

Film Analysis: The Notebook Basic Plot Plot on Age Stereotypes References The Notebook was released on June 25th, 2004 Produced by Lynn Harris and Mark Johnson. The story follows the love story of a young couple Allie and Noah, played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The Notebook was Nicholas Sparkss first published novel.

He wrote two prior to this, but they have not made it out of his desk drawer. But since the success of The Notebook, he has written more than a dozen more. Seven of those novels have been adapted to film. The movie, The Notebook, gave a whole new meaning to the aforementioned descriptions. Theirs was a kind of love beyond written words and articulation.

It was an extraordinary affair that endured the test of time and of circumstances. Sparks Notes, a Critical Analysis of Nicholas Sparks Movies: The Notebook by James McConnaughy 1: 03 pm, April 27th, 2016 There are two types of bad mediain particular bad moviesthat fascinate me, or at least fascinate me enough for me to want to examine them.

Older Adult: The Notebook and Fried Green Tomatoes Film Analysis 2202 Words 9 Pages. Older Adult: Film Analysis The Notebook The beginning of The Notebook opens with the gentleman, Noah in a nursing home facility. We soon learn that he is living at the facility to