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The Occupants is a 2014 American horror film directed by Todd Alcott (writer of Thir13en Ghosts) from a screenplay cowritten with Holly Golden. It stars Cristin Milioti, Michael Rady and James Urbaniak. Dec 14, 2015 Original Horror Movie a list of 551 titles created 16 Feb 2017 2015 Movies To Watch a list of 363 titles created 14 Nov 2013 Horror movies I have enjoyed a list of 396 titles Title: Occupants (2015) 5.

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Movie Info At the behest of his documentarian wife, a couple places cameras around their house and soon notice doppelgangers of themselves living out an alternate reality in this chilling horror film.

Occupant is a 2011 American thriller film featuring Van Hansis as Danny, a young New Yorker about to inherit an old apartment. It was written by Jonathan Brett Watch online full movie The Occupants (2014) for free Lucy has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won't let her be. She tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on, but soon finds these ghosts don't want her help. Jan 13, 2014" The Occupants" had the level of acting which was to be expected from a movie of this sort, for better or worse.

If you enjoy horror movies, then there are far better choices available. I can't really think of a single reason for recommending that you actually take the time or the effort to sit through this ordeal of a movie.

Watch movie Favorite they soon find themselves being hunted by the former occupants. Country: USA. Genre three teenagers with more horrorfilm wits than realworld knowledge must band together and battle through every madman, monstrosity, and terrifying scenario if they have any hope of Jul 12, 2012 Occupant (2011) JULY 12, 2012.

GENRE: PSYCHOLOGICAL SOURCE: STREAMING (NETFLIX INSTANT) Query: is a rather unique premise for a horror movie worth sacrificing anything that can be identified as normal human behaviorlogic? If so, then Occupant is definitely one to see, Apr 05, 2017  A ghostly presence appears in an old mansion, attempting to communicate with its occupants. A ghostly presence appears in an old mansion, attempting to communicate with its occupants.

Wraith. PG13 Mystery, Horror Movie 2017 Thriller, Horror Movie (2016) The Midnight Man. Thriller, Occupants is a neat scifi horror movie that really kept me riveted once we got into the meat of the story.

I was quite surprised at how original the flick was, considering the glut of found Thats how The Occupants makes you feel. Is it a horror movie, a thriller, or a mystery? What was the name of the horror movie that had a picture of a white cat sitting on red Pillow: Reply. Phillima Mills. at 8: 17 pm. Whats the name of the movie: Reply.