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This condensing of books into movies leads to deleted parts from the book or abbreviation of developments within the book. Script Writing May Not Do The Story Justice While a movie is afforded the power of visual stimulation, its limited in terms of having to tell a story primarily through dialogue. I thank Pro for an interesting debate topic. As Con, I will do my best to prove movies are better than books. Truthfully, I more like the idea of a book, but will try to talk about a larger, objective scale.

Movie vs. Book Essay. Essay on Minority Report: The Book vs the Movie. Both Gone With the Wind, the movie, and Gone With the Wind, the book, tell an epic story of life in Georgia at the time of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era and the effect of the war on the life of a spoiled Southern belle, Scarlett OHara.

Oct 29, 2016 Every one knows that movies based on books are different. Like the book could be better than the movie. Or the movie could be better than the book. Jan 11, 2009 As a habit, if there is a book that is 'the same story' as a movie, I'll see the movie first, and read the book second. The one exception was Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. I read the book about a month before I knew about the movie, and we watched the movie on television.

" The debate of which is best, the book or the movie, has been raging for years. There are the people that feel they get more of the story from the book and those who wait for the movie to tell them the story. A movie coming out for a book I havent read usually just means its time to read the book! Kristina Pino: I used to be strictly in the readbeforewatching camp, but what ended up happening is I would go to the movies and be disappointed in what I saw. The movies bring the book to life and it sets the scene on what the movie and the book is about.

Movies go into more depth than the books do. Movies tells a story that teaches morals and life lessons about reallife situations. This is a never ending debate, but honestly, it's all about the content and not the appearance. In this post we shared some pros& cons for eBooks vs Books. In Defense of Seeing the Movie Before You Read the Book. discombobulating quality to the bookvs.

movie debate. On one hand, the bestseller was derided as a trashy mystery not worthy of an